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About Us

Our Purpose

At Bitt, we have seen first-hand how digital currencies revolutionize economic systems at every level.

Although digital currencies are already here — and here to stay — few basic financial and banking models have adapted accordingly. The truth is that central banks, government entities and licensed financial institutions may not know how to effectively adapt and evolve with this change.

In response to this rapidly growing need, we have developed an industry-leading suite of comprehensive financial technology solutions. Our team of digital currency experts customizes our approach specifically to your needs and objectives, creating a truly bespoke set of real-world solutions.

Our goal is to ensure that every stakeholder in your financial ecosystem derives the maximum possible benefit from digital currency implementation. By providing accessible, low-cost digital currency solutions, we can help our clients lower infrastructure cost, increase revenue, improve financial inclusion and elevate the user experience of financial transactions.

We have partnered with central banks, governments and fintech sector participants around the world, assisting with every aspect of the digital currency and stablecoin operationalization process. From policy development to minting CBDC and stablecoins and beyond, our Digital Currency Management System network provides every tool necessary for administration, tracking and reporting.

Some of the invaluable services we offer, include:

  • CBDC and Stablecoin Workshops
  • CBDC and Stablecoin Sandbox Environments
  • CBDC and Stablecoin Pilot Programs
  • CBCD and Stablecoin Deployment

Whatever your needs might be with regard to designing, minting, issuing or handling digital currencies, Bitt has the capacity to assist you in a successful transformation.

What we believe

The adoption of fiat digital currencies has the potential to empower every stakeholder in the economic ecosystem.

In today’s technology-driven global economy, central bank digital currencies have earned a well-deserved — and long overdue – role in the quest for economic growth and financial equality. Although we may be years or decades from a truly cashless society, consumers demand and deserve viable alternatives to traditional currency instruments.

We believe that central bank digital currencies help to forge open, safe and competitive economic systems. These systems have the potential to empower innovation, break down socioeconomic division, and forge truly equitable access to financial systems.

We also believe that, with the right digital currency infrastructure and technology solutions, central banks, governments and financial institutions can derive significant benefits from CBDC implementation. Those benefits include increased efficiency, revenue growth and the ability to provide an improved experience for customers and stakeholders.

To these ends, we have developed digital currency solutions that transform our aspirational concepts into reality. By introducing and implementing our financial technology solutions, we help our clients catalyze the imperative transformation from traditional currencies and legacy systems to fully operationalized CBDC and stablecoin platforms.

We know from experience that knowledge is power, particularly when it concerns matters of global economic import. Our extensive network of resources includes thought-leaders, subject matter experts and market-leading organizations. We bring the full extent of our resources to bear for our clients, assisting them in every aspect of the operationalization process. From conception and policy development through ongoing regulation and management, we deliver the real-world solutions that ensure your success in digital currency adoption.


  • DCash

    Partnered with the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank to launch the world’s first CBDC pilot in a currency union (Initial roll-out to 12 financial institutions in the four most populous countries)

  • Central Banking FinTech and RegTech Global Awards

    For its work on the DCash pilot, Bitt, was awarded as the 2021 Central Bank Digital Currency Partner by the industry’s leading information resource.

  • Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (MAS) Global CBDC Challenge

    Bitt and the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) were announced as one of 15 finalists (from over 300+ submissions) in the Global CBDC Challenge curated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, Bank for International Settlements, the World Bank, the UN International Computing Centre, etc.

  • eNaira

    Partnered with the Central Bank of Nigeria to launch the first live retail CBDC on the continent of Africa.

  • Wealth & Finance Magazine’s 2021 FinTech Awards

    Bitt was awarded as the ‘Most Empowering Cross-Border Payment Systems Provider – Caribbean’.

  • NBB Pay

    Partnered with the government-owned National Bank of Belize (NBB) to launch the stablecoin and digital payment infrastructure


    Partnered with one of Ukraine's oldest commercial banks to launch a pilot project to issue an electronic hryvnia on Stellar

  • National Bank of Belize (NBB)

    Entered into a partnership with Bitt to add an eWallet to its existing mobile banking services.

  • ECCB Pilot

    Signed a contract with the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) to conduct a blockchain-issued central bank digital currency (CBDC) pilot within the eight countries of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU).

  • e-Governance Academy of Estonia

    Signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the e-Governance Academy (eGA) in Estonia to facilitate closer collaboration between the parties, towards achieving greater accessibility and efficiency in the public’s everyday interaction with their Government

  • Central Bank of Barbados and the Financial Services Commission

    Bitt became the first company to complete and exit the Regulatory Sandbox guided by the Central Bank of Barbados and the Financial Services Commission.

  • Digital Bill Payments In Barbados

    Barbados residents can instantly pay all their utility bills from their smartphones now that SurePay is accepting mobile payments through Bitt’s mMoney app.

  • Core Telecom System


  • Central Bank van Curaçao and Sint Maarten

    Feasibility study

  • Core Banking System

    First integration

  • ECCB

    MOUs signed

  • Insurance Corporation of Barbados

    Blockchain enablement

  • Introduction of mMoney

    Payment network launched in Barbados on Bitt DCMS version 1

  • Barbados Digital Dollar

    Launched Feb 2016

  • Bitt CBDC Whitepaper Released