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Bitt’s solutions enable governments to harness the power of digital currencies for all ecosystem participants. Bitt can meet all your digital currency requirements, from conducting a CBDC and Stablecoin Workshop and Sandbox, to facilitating your CBDC and Stablecoin Pilot and Deployment.

CBDC and Stablecoin Workshop

A CBDC and Stablecoin Workshop provides an opportunity for government bodies to engage with CBDC and stablecoin subject matter experts from Bitt and other market-leading organizations. During a Workshop, participants discuss how the introduction of a CBDC or stablecoin could affect the domestic financial system and economy. Government agencies and departments can gain an understanding of how they can prepare for the introduction of a CBDC and/or stablecoin, and can determine how they would utilize these instruments in a particular region and beyond.

CBDC and Stablecoin Sandbox

Bitt’s CBDC Sandbox enables government bodies to interact with a fully functional digital currency system out of the box. The Sandbox offers participants an opportunity to effectively test, simulate and plan the operationalization of a digital currency. Governments can execute a variety of CBDC and stablecoin use cases via DCMS applications, including transacting between a variety of stakeholders, reporting and monitoring functionality, and more.

CBDC Pilot

Government institutions seeking to participate in a CBDC Pilot project can utilize Bitt’s E-Government Suite to integrate with the CBDC network. The E-Government Suite enables government bodies to perform a variety of transactions for common use cases such as accepting payment for government services, tax contributions, and more. Government can also test functionality for distributing payments for salaries, benefits, tax refunds, and more. Bitt helps ensure that governments are prepared to maximize the functionality of CBDCs and stablecoins.

CBDC and Stablecoin Deployment

Bitt provides the E-Government Suite for governments seeking to participate in the deployment and operationalization of a CBDC and/or stablecoin. The E-Government suite enables government bodies to accept digital currencies for government services, taxes and other income streams, and to manage and report on all digital currency transactions and holdings. Governments can also utilize the E-Government suite to distribute payments to employees and recipients of benefits, tax refunds, and other payments. All DCMS applications can be white-labelled per a government’s requirements.

DCMS for Governments

The Digital Currency Management System (DCMS) for governments is a production-ready digital currency software solution that enables government departments to integrate with existing digital currency systems, including CBDCs and stablecoins.

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