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Simon Chantry

  • Co-founder of Bitt and creator of the Digital Currency Management System (DCMS)
  • Distinguished member of the OECD's Blockchain Expert Policy Advisory Board (BEPAB), Krach Institute’s Advisory Board, and a member of the ITU’s Digital Currency Governance Consortium
  • 10+ years experience in digital currencies and distributed ledger technology, actively contributing to the standardization of CBDCs

Erik Bethel

  • Executive director at the World Bank from 2018-2020, where he spearheaded blockchain integration with bank processes
  • Senior Fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a Distinguished Fellow at the Chamber of Digital Commerce, and a Committee Member at the US EXIM Bank
  • Investor in J.P. Morgan's private equity division and managing director at Franklin Templeton Investments

Imran Khan

  • Led the implementation of the eNaira for the Central Bank of Nigeria
  • Account executive for the Central Bank of Nigeria and Eastern Caribbean Central Bank
  • 20 years of technology experience, spanning all aspects of information technology (IT advisory, project management, software development, and IT operations)
  • 10 years in technology consulting at Deloitte, where he served as regional leader for Blockchain & Digital Asset advisory. He also served as chair of the Global CBDC Committee
  • Led multiple CBDC hackathons, including the 2022 G20 TechSprint, where Bitt and IDEMIA won first place in the “Financial Inclusion” category
“Bitt’s experience has shown that central bank motivations and approach to CBDCs are evolving, influenced by the changing economic environment, competing central bank priorities, and learnings from other CBDC deployments. We advocate the CBDC ecosystem, and especially the innovators in this space, to broaden services and products to meet central banks where they are in their journey today. We need to get creative and find ways to answer these open questions, to help our clients forward in their CBDC journey.”
- Imran Khan

Greg Prokter

  • Over 20 years of chief technology officer experience
  • Spearheaded the Digital Payment Wallet Platform at PayPal, which is the most comprehensive eWallet on the market
  • Chief Enterprise Architect at Silicon Valley Bank, successfully leading their expansion from North America to European and Chinese markets in the early 2000s
  • Founding member of the Architecture Leadership Council

Baker Nanduru

  • Scaled technology businesses by billions of dollars at prominent companies like Symantec, Godaddy, and McAfee
  • Delivered award-winning software product experiences, which are used by millions of people today
  • Expert in the entire product lifecycle, from product strategy to marketing
  • Over 20 years of experience in the realms of cyber security, data protection, and compliance

David Bahamon

  • Digital Currency Strategy Manager with a proven track record in meticulously analyzing, orchestrating, and successfully implementing digital currency strategies for private enterprises and commercial banking institutions
  • Master's degree in Developmental Economics and International Finance & Banking, with a specialized focus on harnessing new technologies to drive innovation in emerging markets
  • Seasoned Senior Consultant at Euromonitor International, steering strategic initiatives for global markets on behalf of industry giants such as Visa, Mastercard, and other leading financial institutions

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