Enable Payments. Empower People.

Creating payment systems that promote social inclusion, financial empowerment and economic growth for this and future generations.

Bitt is pleased to be the official FinTech partner for the central bank digital currency (CBDC) pilot for the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank. Learn more.


Meet the Bitt Platform

Make online money transfers simple for your company, financial institution or personal finances using any form of currency, instantly and securely with the Bitt.com Platform.

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Our mobile money wallet app is your single access point to all things digital cash.

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We offer cutting edge payment technology sweetened by the lowest transaction fees in the entire Caribbean.

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Central Banks

Lower barriers to financial services Maximise efficiency across the economy.

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Enable Payments. Empower People.

Send payments for goods or services locally, on your mobile wallet app, or transfer money directly to friends and family.

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