Blog Bitt welcomes the third generation of Blockchain – Aion

Bitt welcomes the third generation of Blockchain – Aion

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Aion is another addition to the growing blockchain hub in Barbados

The Aion project raised approximately $23 million USD to build the first interoperable blockchain network. Matthew Spoke, founder of Aion and CEO of Nuco, the team behind Aion, explained, “Aion provides a performant enterprise centric network that allows organizations to interconnect permissioned blockchain systems, even if, they are built on different architectures in a transparent and secure manner.”

Companies such as Bitt, which are blockchain agnostic, can benefit from using the Aion Network to achieve its objectives, as it will allow for the company to bridge multiple production environments and systems in a truly decentralized way. “We are excited to have Aion as part of the blockchain hub in Barbados and look forward to exploring a partnership with them to achieve Bitt’s Settlement Network and financial inclusion goals using the Bitt payment ecosystem.” Oliver Gale, Co-Founder Bitt

Nuco itself is a leading blockchain enterprise company; with their founders beginning at Deloitte, Canada before branching out on their own. Since inception they have worked with enterprises in a number of industries to build advanced enterprise blockchain solutions. Their insight and recognition of the problem that many disparate blockchains create lead to the Aion network solution they are working on today. Since inception both Nuco and Aion have been endorsed by a number of thought leaders within the Blockchain community. Most notable are Anthony Di’Iorio: Ethereum Co-Founder & Founder of Decentral and Peter Vessenes: Co-Founder Bitcoin Foundation & Managing Director of New Alchemy, both of whom are also on the Aion advisory board.